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What is "Color To Success"?

How can it help my business grow?

Color Defined Type

Learn the four colors of a person's type and why it is important when dealing with there different types. Approach is everything.

Colorful Insight!

Learn why you should never sell to your friends and family, and why your company and products have almost NO bearing on your success.

Relationship Building

Learn how to build lasting, mobilizable relationships with your prospective clients. Build the confidence needed to make the phone calls, and learn to color match individuals.

In ONE hour on the "Color To Success" CD training, you will learn the following:

  • What does it tell you if you eat out with a prospect and they stack their dishes at the table?
  • Why 90% of your recruits should NEVER sell to friends & family.
  • Why your company & products have almost NO bearing on your success.
  • The ONLY two things ANY prospect cares about.
  • How to lower the tension level & raise the co-operation level.
  • A phone script that is 90% successful.
  • Why most approaches only appeal to 10% of the population.

You will learn EXACTLY how to talk with a prospect for 3 minutes and find out the following:

  • Is this a good team player?
  • Is this person good at support?
  • Is this prospect over-sensitive?
  • Is this prospect creative?
  • Does this prospect need to see the big picture rather than specific facts & figures?
  • Does this prospect need specific facts & figures rather than the big picture?
  • Is this prospect a self-starter?
  • Will this prospect be a good promoter?
  • Is this prospect unorganized or scattered?
  • Is this prospect poor on follow-up?
  • Does this prospect crave excitement?
  • Is this prospect a perfectionist?
  • Does this prospect consider themself the smartest person on the planet?
  • Is this prospect a great planner?
  • Is this prospect excellent at follow-up?
  • Does this prospect excel at strategy?
  • Is this prospect unteachable?
  • Will this prospect be a top recruiter?
  • Is this prospect strongly money-motivated?
  • Will this prospect be a Leader?
  • What is the best compensation plan for this prospect to work?
  • And much, much more!


What are people saying?

  • Margi Starr

    The Colors Training has been fundamental in my network marketing journey. Speaking in front of a crowd comes easy to me, but talking one-on-one can be stressful. Learning Colors and applying that knowledge, has been the turn-around for me in building my business. The Colors Training has taught me how to quickly build a relationship with a potential team member. I have learned to share with each individual in a way that resonates with that person's "Color." Blues like to know that network marketing can be fun and Greens like plenty of info. By learning how to listen carefully to an individual’s words and the energy behind those words, I'm able to more quickly build that relationship and gain their trust. I’ve learned to build my business using my Blue strengths. How freeing it is to be your authentic self when talking to people or posting on social media. I don’t need to build my business like a Red or Yellow or Green. I'm confident in my Blue-ness. The Colors Training spills over into every area of my life, but especially my marriage. As a Blue married to a Green, there was often confusion. “Why does he ask so many questions?” “Why does she have to have fun all the time?” We've learned the secret of leveraging each other’s strengths and embracing our differences. Together we make a dynamic team because of our understanding of Colors.

  • Ken Klemm

    The Colors lifted a huge veil from my eyes. Now I understand myself and others better, and why people behave the way they do. I can be a better coach and mentor. This training has made dealing with people fun, both on the phone and in person. Simple and easy!

  • Tony Koker

    I had studied several different books and training over the years. I truly enjoyed psychology in college, too. But, mere studying alone didn't provide the skills that I needed to put the knowledge into practice. The Personality Colors is a refreshing, common sense and simple method that has not only increased my understanding, but continues to give me the skills for practical application. In addiion to the depth of understanding, though my participation in the live, interactive calls, where the skills are demonstrated and practiced, I have finally found my talent in putting these skills into real practice and results. There is no better way to learn something, than to do it. And, further, the best grasp I achieved was accomplished through our mastermind sessions, where I can teach, practice, and discover a deeper connection, not only with the training, but with friends and new friends, alike.

  • Dan Svoboda

    "Michael's 'Colors Training' Is Incredible" I thought I knew personalities. But I only knew mirroring. Michael taught me there's a reason for each person's behavior, a way to talk to each effectively. I still listen to Michael's CD Color to Success as often as I can. He hits on all cylinders. I finally understand why my father doesn't hug, or say "I love you," and why my mother smiles as people walk over her. I used to get angry when someone cut me off in traffic. Now I'm fascinated. Colors is probably the most important training you can listen to and apply to your life.

  • Dave Cones

    Color to Success teaches you to spot a person's personality type within 2 minutes of talking to them. You learn how to peak their interest, how to build a relationship. That prospect may be highly technical. Certain questions and keywords you learn in the Color to Success CD will tell you that. They'll want more information before they ever consider a decision. Or maybe that person wants to know, "How can I make money tomorrow?" Different approach. Learn it on the CD. Ask a few simple questions on the phone to understand the personality. Build a relationship. You'll draw people to you, attract them. They'll want to do business with you.

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